ADEL Holding is a group of companies working in different business fields: construction, logistics, real estate, trade, distribution and marketing and advertising.

Company history

ENEA LTD is a company established in 2016, the main activity of which is the distribution of food and beverages on the HoReCa channel.
We are positioned as a key and high quality supplier of HoReCa products in Western Macedonia and we are able to offer fast and quality services and meet the different requirements of our customers. ENEA is ready to adapt quickly to the new trends and market demands of HoReCa. Our advantage is that as we operate in the market of a visible competition, we continue to be in favor of product prices and the quality of service we offer.
Since the founding of the company to date, the network of customers has been unstoppable by expanding and we are now supplying more than 100 catering facilities in Macedonia. We are focused on every individual customer and our main task is to establish long-term business relationships, set in our innovative services, market adaptations, and understanding the individual needs of our customers. This has allowed the company to maintain its leadership position in the market as a leading supplier to the HoReCa sector.
A rich range of products, accuracy and delivery in the shortest time make us a reliable partner. Our clients are exclusively from the HoReCa sector, hotels, restaurants, discotheques, cafes and many others that can also confirm the success and quality of long-term cooperation

Enea counts over 20 employees and a large number of transporters, to ensure the supply of each customer on time.      More than 50 brands from the region are entrusted to the Enea for importing, which are stored in the respective warehouses of the company