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2017-03-15 01:00:00   Corporate

The brand Caffitaly and ENEA doo started cooperation in the field of distribution for the market in Macedonia

Always in line with market needs and to complement the experience of consumers of ama® Capsules for Coffee, ENEA for the Macedonian Market since March, has become an exclusive and unique distributor of Caffitaly Apparatus Capsule Appliances.

The agreement envisages the coverage and distribution of Caffitaly products in Macedonia for the next 5 years.

Caffitaly is an Italian brand that offers worldwide coffee machines with capsules of the highest quality and technological development. Small appliances for the preparation of coffee from a housekeeping capsule but also for offices that allow simple preparation of coffee.

As part of the product range of this manufacturer, there are several models of Coffee machines: preparation of espresso coffee, preparation of cappuccino, tea and latte coffee. Also, Caffitaly offers both interesting and luxurious coffee accessories, which through ENEA are now available in our market.

The small appliances from the manufacturer Caffitaly differ from the other appliances they currently have in our market due to the high quality of the equipment, the simple way of using and preparing the beverage, but also for the elegant appearance of the product that fits exceptionally in a modern interior of kitchen or office.

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