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2017-02-10 01:00:00   Products

ENEA Doo has taken over the distribution of the brand ama® for the Macedonia market.

ENEA Doo, starting from February 2017 became the official distributor of the New Century Doo Products - Producer Program of the brand ama®.

ENEA Doo and New Century Doo, headquartered in Tirana, Albania, signed a distribution agreement, which made ENEA an exclusive and unique distributor for the Macedonian market for New Century ‘product portfolio

New Century is one of the most famous coffee beans producers in the Balkan region from proven high-quality raw materials originating in Brazil, South America, Mexico, India, and Ethiopia. In addition to the Coffee Bar in its product program, there is also a Capsule Caffe (for instant preparation), Turkish coffee, Iced Coffee in a can, etc. As coffee makers under the ama® brand, they have been in operation for 30 years, and their products are distributed in more than 19 countries around the world.

ama®Cafe is intended for wide consumption, and for potentials in Macedonia, ENEA will take care of its distribution channels.

To integrate the ENEA sales team with the new cooperation and the ama®Caffe brand, a meeting was organized for homogenization and networking, where during the mutual acquaintance between the teams of the two companies, experiences and expectations were exchanged, as well as setting new goals for the more successful development of this brand in our territories.